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Learning journey in back-end development

In the following story, Urs invites you to join him on this journey—sharing the challenges, victories, and transformative impact of mastering the backend stack.




The beginning of his journey in backend wasn't just a career move; it marked a transformative stage in his development journey. Moving from front-end development - where HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue.js and Next.js were his playground - Urs took on the challenge of mastering the backend stack. This shift was not just about acquiring new skills; it was a deliberate move to deepen his understanding of the complexities that drive server-side applications.

Backend School, an internal initiative created by our company, became the key to this transformation. Tailored to the unique needs of our company, it offered more than the usual learning experience. It was a hands-on exploration of the background technologies that shape the digital landscape.

The core of Backend School's success lies in a carefully designed program. Guiding him from basic concepts to advanced topics, the program ensured that he understood the entire background set step by step. This was not just about learning individual technologies; it was about recognizing the interconnected nature of background development.

As Urs reflects on his journey through Backend School, it's clear that it was no mere educational pursuit; it was dynamic research that set the stage for a profound impact on his professional growth. In the following story, he invites you to join him on this journey—sharing the challenges, victories, and transformative impact of mastering the backend stack.

SQL Mastery: Building Database Solutions

Structured Query Language

A key aspect of his Backend School journey revolved around mastering SQL, the driving force behind effective database management. This phase of the program pushed him in hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, providing hands-on experience in building effective databases. As he delved into SQL, he not only learned how to write complex queries, but also gained a deep understanding of data manipulation.

The emphasis placed on SQL was not just about acquiring technical skills; it was about cultivating the ability to design databases that could seamlessly handle the demands of back-end applications. This mastery of SQL has become a cornerstone of my backend development toolkit, empowering him to create robust and scalable data management solutions — an indispensable skill in the dynamic landscape of modern software development.

PHP: Dynamic Scripting Language

PHP elephant standing on a laptop

In the area of ​​backend development, PHP emerged as a central focus during his time at Backend School. This versatile scripting language, known for its efficiency in web development, has become the cornerstone of his skills. The course took a deep dive into PHP, taking him through its basic syntax to the intricacies of advanced features.

The comprehensive coverage of PHP in the curriculum was not limited to theoretical discussions; it was practical research. Practical tasks formed a key part of the learning process, allowing him to translate newly acquired knowledge into tangible skills. Through these assignments, Urs honed his ability to write dynamic server-side scripts, delved into the principles of object-oriented programming in PHP, and gained skill in constructing logical frameworks that support robust server-side applications.

This immersion in PHP went beyond mere knowledge of the language; it equipped him with the tools needed to design dynamic and responsive server-side solutions, reinforcing the practical orientation of the Backend School.

Introducing Laravel: A Framework for Modern Development


Progressing through the Backend School curriculum, the framework that took center stage was Laravel — a PHP web framework known for its elegant syntax and developer-centric features. The course precisely exposed the core concepts of Laravel, immersing him in key aspects such as Eloquent ORM, routing strategies, middleware, and various templating mechanisms.

What set this research apart was the emphasis on practical application. By getting involved in practical projects, he not only gained theoretical knowledge, but also translated it into tangible results. These projects served as a testing ground for building robust web applications, implementing industry best practices, and leveraging the full potential of Laravel's feature-rich ecosystem.

In essence, this phase of the journey not only demystified Laravel, but also empowered him to operate it as a versatile tool for building modern, efficient and scalable web solutions. The combination of theoretical understanding with practical projects marked a key moment in my expertise as a backend developer.

Practical application and real-world project: Bridging theory and practice

Backend School's unique approach stood out for its emphasis on practical application, providing a distinct advantage to my learning journey. The theoretical foundations laid in SQL, PHP and Laravel were not limited to the classroom; instead, they transitioned seamlessly into hands-on experience through a real-world project.

This key project served as a bridge between theoretical understanding and practical implementation, offering insight into the challenges facing real-world backend development scenarios. By working on this project, he applied his newly acquired knowledge to solve tangible problems, gaining valuable insights and honing the skills necessary for professional success in the dynamic field of backend development.

In-house mentors: nurturing growth through personal guidance

One of the invaluable aspects of the Backend School experience was the direct access to experienced mentors within your own company. The in-house nature of the program not only allowed for a strong sense of camaraderie, but also provided a unique opportunity for personalized guidance. Among these mentors, our team leader and senior software developer, Bruno, emerged as a key figure in his learning journey.

Bruno, a professional in backend development, brings a wealth of industry experience. His role expanded beyond that of a conventional instructor; he became a mentor who was truly invested in development. Regular interaction with Bruno went beyond the classroom as he generously shared real-world insights, practical advice and anecdotes from his professional journey. This personalized mentorship has played a key role in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in the dynamic field of background development.

In the collaborative sessions, Bruno fostered an environment where questions were encouraged, challenges were solved through collective problem solving, and every milestone achieved was celebrated as a team. This mentorship not only improved technical skills, but also instilled a sense of confidence and resilience in facing complex challenges in the background. As Urs and Bruno navigated the intricacies of SQL, PHP and Laravel, Bruno as a guide added a layer of depth to this learning experience, not only about mastering the technologies, but also about imbibing the ethos of effective collaboration and continuous learning.

Backend development moves forward: A constant journey of growth

Backend iceberg representation

As he delved into the intricacies of backend development during his time at Backend School, it became clear that this learning journey is not a final experience, but rather the beginning of a continuous process of growth and evolution. Armed with a solid foundation in SQL, PHP, and Laravel, he was equipped to explore the ever-expanding backend technology landscape.

Moving forward, he am enthusiastic about staying up to date with the latest industry trends, new technologies and best practices. The dynamic nature of backend development calls for a mindset of constant learning. Whether it's adopting new frameworks, optimizing database performance, or mastering advanced features in Laravel, the journey ahead promises plenty of opportunities to improve his skills and contribute innovative solutions to the world of web development. With a commitment to remain curious and embrace challenges, he looks forward to the exciting advances and discoveries that the field of background development brings us.


Urs's experience at Backend School went beyond conventional learning. It was a journey that equipped him with an extensive skill set, from mastering SQL and PHP to harnessing the power of Laravel. The in-house approach managed by the company provided a unique learning environment, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. Armed with this foundation, he ventured further into the world of Laravel development, setting the stage for a fulfilling career in backend technologies.

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