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Welcome to Simple Code: Our Unique Onboarding Process

Joining a new company is like stepping into a new world, filled with novel experiences. Here at our company, we welcome every new member with a lively atmosphere, and an eagerness to foster a feeling of belonging. Our onboarding process, designed to set you up for success, is both relaxed and informative, allowing you to ease into your role comfortably.



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Your first few days are all about settling in. We will guide you to set up your workstation and ensure you have all the essentials needed to thrive. You’ll have some laid-back meetings sprinkled throughout these initial days, aimed at letting you get to know your new colleagues and workspace without any rush.

Our top-tier leadership, CEO Robert and Team Lead Bruno will personally walk you through the technicalities of our development approach. They will give you a comprehensive introduction to our project stack and the types of challenges we typically tackle. Feel free to quench your curiosity and ask any questions during these sessions.

People & Culture Manager, Lucija, is your go-to person for all things culture and administration. She’ll help you understand the company's vibe, perks, and planned events like our regular 'Beer Fridays and team-building sessions. For paperwork, holidays, or any other administrative inquiries, Lucija has got you covered.

Open communication is a pillar of our work culture. We schedule regular one-on-one meetings to hear your thoughts, address any concerns, and ensure you feel heard and understood. Our project manager will guide you through our business processes, client interactions, and software tools, ensuring you have a deep understanding of our approach.

You will be teamed up with one of our employees, who will mentor you as you begin your journey with us. This guidance isn't just lip service; it's a commitment from our end to help you settle in comfortably and succeed. They will assist with task management, provide feedback, and offer their expertise when needed.

Over the first few weeks, your comfort level and understanding of your role will increase. As you gain confidence, we give you more autonomy and responsibility, fostering an environment for you to evolve and share your unique insights. We believe in growth and appreciate all contributions.

You will be part of our monthly Retrospective, a meeting where you share your work and learn from others' experiences. We also organize workshops and quick meetings to discuss new technologies, and development hurdles, and share tips. Your insights and suggestions are highly valued, and we always encourage innovation.

At the heart of our company, we believe in open communication, continuous learning, and the power of innovation. We're here to support you every step of the way as you transition into a productive, valued, and enthusiastic team member. 


Welcome aboard!

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