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Transforming Digital Agency Online Presence in 9 Months

Digital Services

Reimagining Simple Code with a full digital makeover, showcasing refreshed branding, engaging web design, and revitalized social media to highlight our tech expertise and creative flair.


From Dated to Leading: EAOO's 2-Month Optometry Overhaul

Health & Education

From a basic site to a global community hub, we transformed the EAOO website into a central spot where industry professionals meet, learn, and lead together.


Modern Web App Transformation in 9 Months

Energy, Utilities & Waste

Transforming a decade-old Silverlight app into a cutting-edge web solution, elevating data handling, responsiveness, and user experience.


9 Interactive Museum Apps for Enhanced Learning


Revitalizing the Pitve Wine Museum with 9 specialized web applications, designed to provide diverse media content and enrich visitor engagement on multi-sized touchscreens.


Data-Driven Mobile Fitness: A Gamified App


Developing a gamified fitness app for easy tracking of weight lifting workouts, combining strength analysis with engaging user features.


60-Day WordPress Build with API Integration

Event & Workspace for Creative Industries

Crafting a seamless digital presence for Norway's top coworking space. Our tailored approach combined intuitive design with efficient functionality, all to best serve a dynamic and vibrant community of innovators and creators.


Capture & Share Life Moments: Digital Storybook

Information technology & services

A digital tool for users to document and share life moments, combining text with photos, videos, and music. A user-friendly space to remember and share.



Information technology & services

Revitalizing the web presence of Australia's premier provider of secure cloud-based data solutions.


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